3 Visualization Routines to Help You Achieve Success

One of the big keys to goal achievement is visualization. See yourself as already being in possession of the good that you desire. Likewise, see yourself as already having achieved your big goals.

Most people are familiar with the quote:

I’ll believe it when I see it.

Is this really true? Will you ever truly see it if you do not believe it? Let’s turn this around:

I’ll see it when I believe it.

The second quote, with a subtle change in wording, is much more empowering than the first, cliched quote.

Most people, when they start going after what they want, give up after a just few failures. Constantly visualizing gives you the willpower to keep going, even after failing a multitude of times.

What you are about to learn is a brain hack which encourages you to march more confidently in the direction of your goals.

Journal As If You Are Already There

Most journal are about you writing the day’s past events. You write about what you did, and what you learned from them. Oftentimes, it’s just a reflection and an informal history of your life. In this journal variation, you write about your day as if you have already fulfilled your goals.

When you write, specificity comes into play. You start looking backwards in time, examining some of the hows that led you to where you are. The day’s activities are reflected from a future perspective.

This form of journaling is a lot of fun because you come from the place of your dreams. You may currently be in a place of lack and scarcity. You may even feel that this handicaps you from taking action or believing what you want is possible. When you write from a future perspective, as if you have already achieved your dreams, abundance and possibilities fill the pages.

In other words, ask yourself who you are willing to become. Then, start acting like that person.

The first question that may be coming to your mind right now is this: If I knew how to fulfill my dreams, then I would have already done so! What good will writing my journal in this way help when I don’t know!

This is where your imagination comes into play. Reality sets you in stone but imagination frees you, for imagination enables you to see past what’s currently not possibile because of your conditions.

Imagine What’s ‘Impossible’

Imagination is a wonderfully powerful force. After all, imagination brought us the motorized vehicle, air travel, space travel, computers, and soon, self-driving cars.

The power of imagination made the Internet possible. It lets you communicate with people across the globe in just seconds or shop from the comfort of your own home.

Once it came into someone’s mind, all that is left is execution. Ideas are a dime a dozen, but the real value lies in execution.

When you journal, it’s important to write in the present tense, in order to close the seemingly divergent paths created by what we want and what we think is actually possible. Yet, what you want is already here.

After all, you would not have been given your dreams if the ability to make them come true is not already here. It appears as soon as you thought it. It’s waiting for you at this very moment. It’s up to you to receive.

That’s why it is so important to write your journal in the present tense.

Yet, we constantly resist. We insist on dwelling on our current circumstances. We resist by insisting the specificity of factors that created those circumstances. Spending time in this way is hardly constructive.

When you write about your current circumstances, you reflect on the unfairness and bitterness by writing in the past tense. When you want something but believe it is really not possible for you, you write in the future tense.

The Universe Refuses to Keep Tabs on Suffering

We want to believe that if we suffer long enough, the Universe will one day award us. Yet, there’s no stopwatch the Universe abides by that dictates the amount of suffering you need to experience before the good things will come to you. It’s like when your friend gets sick. No amount of your being miserable will make him feel better.

The Universe doesn’t say, “Ok, the balance is off. In order for your sick friend to get better and be happy again, I’ll need you to be sick and miserable yourself.”

It’s this faulty belief, this resistance, that sets up a barrier which keeps us from receiving. The energy needed to move us onto the next level is instead wasted on this resistance. Journaling’s power comes in lower our resistance to receiving. When we write, we start focusing on what we want rather than what we do not want. We stop focusing on the resistance. Instead, we focus on actively receiving.

Feel Into the Power of Active Journaling

Perish all focus on your current circumstances. Come now from the place of your dreams.

Really feel yourself holding your dreams in your hands. Become emotionally vested. Experience bliss, serenity, tranquility, benevolence, and joy.

If you think feeling these emotions seem fake or are just a bunch of hogwash and nonsense, then think about it this way: Why do you think feeling miserable all the time is alright but feel guilty when asked to feel good? How does being miserable serve you?

You see, the only way to create your present reality–this moment–is to live in the moment. You have to decide today to start being happy and to start feeling good, for this moment is the only moment in which we are able to change our lives for the better.

Journaling helps you get there by creating these moments.

Writing Your Story


We are the sum of the stories we tell ourselves. Our stories are our explanations and rationalizations why we only make a certain level of income or why we lead the lives we lead. Our stories are nothing more than the summation of our limiting beliefs.

In fact, the phrase “limiting beliefs” is overused , for all of our psyche consists of limiting beliefs. We make up these stories as a result, justifying our misery and our circumstances. We tell these stories continually, both to the world and to ourselves. In our stories, we justify the guilt, inadequacy, shame, and blame.

The key to changing your life is to rewrite your story. This is the purpose of this exercise. In many ways, your stories are a lot like a journal. Except with a journal, you tend to write in it everyday or at least once a week.

You write stories once a month, every six months, or even once a year. In this story you are about to write, start by picking a future date.

Write about your life as if you are already living your dreams. Your goals have been fulfilled. You have that house, car, job promotion, relationship, or business you’ve been working so hard to get.

Now, write about how great life is and how you finally have everything you want. What are some of the things a person who already has what you want do on a daily basis? Who are her friends? What is his morning routine like? What are some of the foods he eats? What books does she read? How does he think? Most importantly, write about how you feel.

Attracting the Life You Want

You are about to learn a new concept, and it is called the Law of Attraction. With the Law of Attraction, like thoughts attract like thoughts and bring more of the same into your world. This works equally as well for the things you want as well as the things you do not want.

The Universe will conspire to bring forth your thoughts into the physical reality. In fact, as soon as you think a thought, the Universe has already delivered. It is now up to you to open yourself to seeing it and receiving it.

Sometimes, the big opportunity comes disguised as a potential friendship or a hardship. Once again, use your imagination when writing your story. This is your life. Create it however big and awesome you wish it to be, not what someone else thinks your life ought to be.

Imagination is the faculty that makes possible all that was seemingly impossible. By using the imagination, you jump from where you currently are to the place of your dreams.

Remember: You have to come from the place of your dreams in order to turn those dreams into goals fulfilled. Imagination lets you do just this by jumping a higher frequency. It makes possible what once seemed impossible.


This is the another exercise you can do in the pursuit of your dreams. I include visualization last because journaling and story-telling are really forms of visualization. Visualization when used in this context really means to day dream. You don’t have to write anything down.

Because you aren’t writing anything down, visualization is the least effective of the three practices. When you journal and write your stories, you have to be specific with what it is you want.

When you simply sit there quietly with your eyes closed and visualize, you allow yourself a great deal more leeway. The visions created through your imagination are less specific. They become more generic and vague.

It is not always practical to pull out a pen and paper to start writing. For instance, you may be taking a short break at work or just waiting for someone. That hardly allows you time to get comfortable and start writing the story of your life.

So, visualization is still practical and useful under these conditions.

Of course, for visualization to be effective you must use your imagination. Really feel the emotions associated with coming from the place of your dreams. The better you feel, the more likely you are to do something in the achievement of your goals.

Combining the Three

With enough practice journaling and writing stories, over time your visualization skills will improve over time. When you become emotionally vested writing your stories and creating your journals, you start coming from the place of your goals.

Soon, you will find yourself acting like the person you wish to become as you constantly practice always creating with your imagination, controlling your thoughts, and manifesting the goals you so desire.


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