7 Most Annoying People at the Gym

If you are a long-time gym-goer, or even just going for a short amount of time, you know who they are. These are the 7 most annoying people at the gym who make you go, “Hmm…”

Worse yet, they have no business there for they will either hurt themselves or someone else. Have a giggle as you take a gander at this list. You might even think, “Opps, I’m one of them!”

Most Annoying People at the Gym

1. The Grunter

7 Most Annoying People at the Gym - ManSpirational.comYou know who this guy is. Every repetition is accompanied by a loud, distracting grunt. He probably tops the list of the most annoying people at the gym.

He likes to think of grunting as a way to focus while exerting under extreme physical conditions. Partly, it’s because he is lifting more weight than you or I could–and he wants everyone to know it.  Typically, he’s loud enough to be heard throughout the entire gym.

It’s rather humorous to watch people near the Grunter, as they would often look to see who is making all the noise. Sometimes, it sounds like some one is dying. Other times, it sounds like they are having sex.

The Grunter also likes to let slam the weights onto the floor because he wants everyone to know how much he just lifted. This is usually followed by a loud “Hell yeah!”

Really, he just comes off as a fool and an idiot.

Verdict: Idiot

2. The Loiterer

7 Most Annoying People at the Gym - ManSpirational.comThis is another guy who stands out on my list as one of the most annoying people at the gym. He either stands or sits on the equipment, usually while chatting with friends or busily playing on his smartphone.

You know it when you see it: The Loiterer is on his smartphone for 5 or 10 minutes in between sets or chatting with their friends for a little too long during rest periods. This is often the person who needs to be reminded gently, “How much longer do you think you’ll be?”

Loiterers should really be aware of just how long they are on the equipment, as someone may be waiting.

The way to deal Loiterers is to ask how much longer they think they will be. This gentle reminder is often enough to jolt them out of the fact that they are hogging the machine and offer to let you work in sets. If this doesn’t happen, then you may have to assertively request working sets in with them. That usually works 99% of the time.

Verdict: Inconsiderate

3. The Clueless

Studies have shown that the Clueless is aptly named. This is the person who employs bad form and incorrectly uses equipment. Incorrect use here means not knowing what muscle groups a particular machine targets and plainly using it wrong. Or, to use the machine only semi-correctly.

It’s sometimes painful to watch, as using the machine wrong could mean getting hurt in the process. You really want to say something but bite your tongue, as the person could take it the wrong way.

Example: The Leg Press. I see this exercise done incorrectly all the time. The most commonly wrong way I see is loading the machine with a lot of weight, for example, 180 pounds. Then the person does a partial leg press. We call these calf raises. If done correctly, I daresay that the person is realistically only able to press half that weight, which would be 90 pounds in this example.

A dangerous thing the Clueless could do is lift more than he really should, which causes a lot of damage to his body. You cannot help but cringe when you see these guys lifting more weights than they should, which is often accompanied by very poor form as they lift.

Another thing the Clueless does is work on all muscle groups during the same session, needlessly tiring themselves out prematurely.

Unfortunately, this way of working out is often detrimental to their progress. They get tired quickly and soon stop going to the gym.

Go into the workouts, one should have a definite plan of action. For example:

  • Arms and chest (1 day)
  • Back (1 day)
  • Legs (1 day)
  • Abs (always)

This is just an example workout but one in which similar muscle groups are targetted for effectiveness.

Form is also very important, so my advice is to find a fitness instructor who can show you how to use each piece of equipment correctly and to target each muscle group purposely.

Verdict: Clueless

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4. The Heavy Lifter

This guy is obviously more buff than everyone else and wants you to know it. He lifts a lot, too. He may also be a Grunter. Of course, he also likes to struct his stuff after every rep, to let you know how proud of his muscles he is.

Beginners may even be intimidated by such a guy and stand off, thinking they are in a hostile environment. Other guys want to be him.

In short, he’s the epitome of fitness and head-turning physique.

People hate him only because they realize just how much work it takes to get there and wish they could have what he has.

Verdict: You get what you put in.

5. The Hoverer

Different from the Loiterer, the Hoverer is actually someone in a rush to get done with his exercise routine. He tends to stand right by the machine he wants in a passive-aggressive manner, not saying anything until you do.

The best way to get this person to stop hovering around is to ask what he wants (which is to use the machine). Then either tell him how many more minutes you expect to be on the machine or suggest that he could work in sets if he likes. Of course, it’s always good to make a new acquaintance in the process.

Verdict: You may be guilty yourself of being a Loiterer if a Hoverer is near you!

6. The Group

7 Most Annoying People at the Gym - ManSpirational.comThese often show up in groups of 3 or more, working together. Sometimes they know what they are doing. Other times, they do not. These people could be hilarious to observe. At any rate, because of the number of people in the group, expect them to be a while at the machine you want.

Fortunately, groups only show up once or twice, never to return. Sadly, they suffer from group mentality, thinking that in order to work out they must work out together. This form of accountability is often built upon a foundation of sand. The simple thing to do when making working out a part of your life is to decide.

To get time on the machine then, you may have to become a Hoverer yourself.

Verdict: Depends on the situation. You may have to hover yourself.

7. The Inconsiderate

Another one to get on the list of the most annoying people at the gym, this is the Inconsiderate. Your gym may have a policy of wiping down the equipment with disinfectant wipes or spray after every use. Signs are prominently placed on every piece of equipment and spray bottles with towels are everywhere. On top of that, the gym makes periodic announcements over the PA system, asking people to wipe down the equipment.

Despite all this, some people will still move onto another piece of equipment without wiping down. They may even think it’s silly to wipe down equipment, as a result resist doing so. Sometimes, people are just plain gross (like the guy who walks out of the restroom after urinating or defecating without washing his hands!). Don’t hesitate to grab a towel wipe it down yourself, if need be, right in front of the offender.

Verdict: Inconsiderate. They may still not get the clue after you wipe down the equipment in front of them.

In Closing

So, if you’re guilty of doing some or all of these things, then take note! We don’t want to be that guy on the list of most annoying people at the gym.

I didn’t know that I was doing so of them myself until I started watching other people do them. Of course, if you are new to exercise and are a bit confused on how to lift properly without hurting yourself, you should go with a friend who knows how to lift properly. Or work with a fitness instructor, who can correctly show you the ropes. I did the latter, working with an instructor for a month before flying solo.

Once you have the basis on what to do and what not to do, then you can pretty much vary your exercise routine by looking online at YouTube videos. The knowledge you gain from working with an instructor will be valuable in telling you if those videos are providing correct instructions or if they will only hurt you.

So, have a good workout and don’t be that guy!


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