9 Habits of Highly Successful People

What Are the 9 Habits of Highly Successful People?

Successful people often share common habits which helps them become more successful. With each success, it paves the road to more success. Success becomes a practice and a habit. Here are 9 habits of highly successful people.

1. Decide

Decide, really decide, what it is that you want. Then write it down. Only by setting clear goals and writing them down can you start to chase after them.

What does it mean to really decide? You actually already know what this means. Examine the goals you have set in your own life, the ones you successfully achieved. When you really decided, you likely felt that do-or-die moment in your guts. That time was different from than all those others times you set a goal then did nothing about it.

To have really decided then is to commit and then persist against all the failures that will inevitably come your way. You put aside the time because it was important to you. You gave up other things to work on this goal because of what it means to you.

2. Look at Your 5 Closest Friends

If you want to know where you will be in five years, just take a look at your five closest friends. If they are barflies, then you are likely one, too. If they are success- and goal-minded then you are likely one of them, too.

Associating with like-minded individuals is another one of the nine habits of highly successful people. Meeting these people is a lot easier than you think. If you are concerned it is difficult to find new friends, then that tells me you care about what your current friends think. It’s human nature to put stock in what other people say, but you must also be careful. Avoid using this as an excuse from getting what you really want out of life.

For instance, if you want to learn how to be a better speaker then start attending ToastMaster meetings. Here, you will meet people with the same goals. If you want to be a better photographer, attend club meetings where you will meet people better than yourself. These people are also called your mentors or models.

Learn as much as you can from your models. You already know your goal is achievable because the person who did it is standing right before you. Now, it’s time to get to work and become that person.

3. Rarely Change Their Minds

Successful people are quick to make a decision and rarely, if ever, change their minds. They may change the implementation of their plans. They are flexible enough to realize they sometimes have to go with the flow. Yet, their end goal is always at the forefront of their minds.

You, too, need to get into the habit of beginning with the end in mind. That way, you know the definite end-goal. By practicing and visualizing as if you already have it, you also practice the expectation of success. For example, in a job interview if you act as if you already have the job then you start projecting more confidence during the interview. You also show that you will do whatever it takes to get the job done, because you already have the job and you hate to fail. This is a powerful visualization exercise that will serve you well in everything you do.

4. Practice Gratitude Daily

By practicing gratitude daily, you change how you think. Many people have a scarcity and fear-based mindset. They constantly worry about things that will likely never happen or worry about having lack. So, they cling desperately to the first opportunity that avails itself.

As a result, many people are fearful to change or to go after what they really want. Given a choice between taking a chance at success and happiness but having to take unknown risks in order to get there, most people would rather stay with their current brand of misery because it is at least a known quantity.

Gratitude helps you appreciate the little things in life. Remember that the road to success is paved with the little, mundane, and seemingly inconsequential things. By practicing to be in an attitude of gratitude, you learn to see those things. Gratitude can only exist for the things you already have. In practicing what I call “future gratitude” when writing out your goal card, you learn to come from the place of your dreams, just as these highly successful individuals do. When you learn to see these things and be grateful for them, you are also teaching yourself how to receive.

5. Do Things Normal People Hate Doing

Another one of the habits of highly successful people is they do things most normal people hate doing. This is because they have realized this is a necessary part of success. For example, they may hit the gym three or more times a week in order to be healthy. Most normal people think this is overly excessive. Heck, even the gym-goer may not want to go to the gym after a long and tiring day at work. Yet, he still goes because he knows he must put in his dues if he is to maintain his health.

If you think about it, it takes no more effort to be unhealthy than it does to be healthy. On the surface, it seems that the person opting to stay home and watch TV saves more time than the one going to the gym. Yet, he pays for this decision when he develops heart disease and spends years of his life suffering while hoping to recover from heart disease. The fit person is also able to do a lot more things that a physically-unfit person may not be able to do. So, you reap what you sow.

6. Constantly Read Self-Improvement Books

Successful people are voracious readers of self-improvement books, realizing that man does become what he thinks. He knows that if his life sucks, it’s likely because he sucks. By constantly reading differing viewpoints, highly successful people know they are attacking that axiom from multiple angles. What one person said may ring with one person but not necessarily with another. By constantly reading, highly successful people eventually know a writer will say the same thing a slightly different way so as to resonate with them.

It also takes a breadth of knowledge to be successful. If you want to learn how to become an effective salesperson, then you will be reading books such as public speaking, projecting confidence, improving your fashion, and communicating more effectively. Self-improvement books are a form of education. Many people think that once they graduate from college that the learning stops. Instead, this is where learning begins. That degree you got just tells your employer that you are able to learn.

7. Free From the Victim Mentality

To be a victim is to relinquish responsibility and accountability. The victim often feels powerless and hopelessness in such a situation. Yet, by playing the victim he or she is also doing something very detrimental: giving up the initiative.

Successful people take the initiative and make things happen. They know that no matter how bad their lives are, no matter how out of control it may seem, they are in some small measure responsible for where they are. In recognizing this, they are putting the power back where it belongs: In their own hands.

When you learn to free yourself from the victim mentality, you are empowering yourself to start going after what you want.

This is the most important one of the nine habits of highly successful people. It is one you should strive daily to achieve, and one in which you will spend a lifetime mastering.

8. Visioneering

By beginning with the end in mind, successful people already know what they want. Visioneering keeps them grounded, especially when difficulties and challenges arise. Visioneering then is just visualizing their lives as if their goals are already realized. A strong emotional component is needed in visualizing as this is often what the person falls back upon when the going gets tough.

In other words, you have to have a strong want in order to override all the barriers and roadblocks that will surely pop up along the way. When the going does get tough, you think back to your strong want and the life that you really want. It’s moments like these that keep you going. Otherwise, after a few potholes you will give up.

9. Set Worthy Goals

Earl Nightingale defined success best when he said, “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.” Every day you are doing something which brings you closer to your goals is success. In line with this, set goals that are worthy of you.

Many people set goals that they already know how to achieve. Your goals should scare you and excite you at the same time. You may not necessarily know how to achieve your goals. That is what makes a goal worthy.

Think back to the times you accomplished a worthy goal. It likely began as an idea, with which you had little knowledge of how to actually achieve it. Yet, somehow somewhere along the way you attracted the right people, the right books, and the right classes.

Habits of Highly Successful People

Successful people have a habitualness of being. They do things which lend towards that success. Success is also like an iceberg. For each success you see at the surface, there is likely a graveyard full of failures. It’s just that successful people refuse to let failure get the best of them. They plow on, persisting and persevering where most people would give up. So, practice daily each habit until it becomes second-nature to you. In time, you too will become a success.

Building up a habit of success involves working with the faculties of the mind. These are faculties such as intuition, imagination, memory, reasoning, the will, and perception. I’ve personally listened to Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey’s Magic In Your Mind countless times. They have been instrumental in helping me to build up the life I want through conscious design.

The bottom line is only you can make the choice to create the life you want. Only you can decide to practice the nine habits of highly successful people and become one of them.


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