About Me

Me standing on a rock with the Mendenhall Glacier in the background. Juneau, Alaska (May 2017)

Welcome to Life Through Conscious Design! My name is Benson Wong, and I am dedicated to providing you with high-quality advice on living a consciously-designed life, created through deliberate choice and action.

You see, I lived the first third of my life pretty much clueless and without direction. My father was basically an absentee father. He never provided the guidance a son needs to navigate the complexities of life. To this day, we can be in the same room but might as well be thousands of miles apart.

When I joined the workforce as a young graduate, I was completely out of touch with how the real world works. I quickly realized I had to play catch-up. To give you an idea, I had to learn how to correctly use eating utensils in social settings, dress myself (the well part would take many more years of trial-and-error), learn how to be more assertive, and develop my self-confidence.

For a long time after college, I aimlessly questioned life and wondered if this was all there was to it: Work for the next 30 or 40 years at a job (or 10) that most people hated, while hoping at the chance for a half-way decent retirement.

After a decade of going against the grain and trying to conform like the mindless masses, I developed a chronic illness. To be specific, it was a chronic back and leg pain that would plague me for the better part of several years. Though the cause would end up being idiopathic, it set into motion a series of events.

About Me

Going for a ride-along in a Mazda Miata at the Thunderhill Raceway

For the next several years, I embarked on an enriching journey of self-improvement. I learned just how potent and dangerous thinking could be if used wrong. When used correctly, our thinking is the most powerful and potent force in the world.

After all, think about how powerful thoughts truly are. Everything you see around you is the product of someone else’s thoughts. Everything around you was created twice: First in that person’s mind, then brought force into the physical world.

I can see clearly now my chronic “disease” was a gift. It enriched my life, forcing me to question how I viewed the world. It caused me to seek out answers I would have never otherwise sought. The chronic pain brought with it the very real possibility of a life-long handicap. I was limping for a period of time because it hurt just to walk.

With it, I drastically changed my diet and started an exercise program. Some 4 years later, I still go to the gym at a minimum of three times a week. I have all but cut out soda, allowing myself a yearly indulgence of just one can. You see, I was starting to live a consciously created life of my own design and choice, a fact I would learn only years later.

You, too, are the conscious creator and designer of this grand overall design called your life. That’s the secret. You are responsible for everything you have in your life. You attracted both the good and the bad by virtue of your thinking. You have the power within you to effect the reality and life of your choosing. Too few people know or truly understand this. Why do you suppose about 5% of the world’s population control 95% of the world’s wealth? They know the secret, and now you know it, too.

Benson Wong