Bob Proctor: Develop Your Imagination

Note: This is one of my favorite videos by Master Thinker Bob Proctor on the importance of developing the use of your imagination to help you live the life you truly desire. I hope you find the video and its transcript as inspiring and moving as I do.

Many years ago, I read where Napoleon Hill pointed out that the imagination is the most marvelous, miraculous, inconceivably powerful force that the world has ever known.

And you know, the average individual uses the imagination, if they use it at all, against themselves?

They imagine what they don’t want.

They imagine problems coming.

Let’s begin to use our imagination the way God meant it to be used. It’s the greatest, creative faculty that we possess. And we can build anything we want with them.

I want you to wander around your home or possibly your office and take a look at ALL of the conveniences that you have there that you didn’t have…let’s say 2 years.

5 Years.

10 years ago.

25 years ago.

Did you know that everyone of them–without exception–was first created in the mind of one individual with their imagination? Did you know you can use your imagination to go into the future and bring it into the present?

That’s what all highly successful people do: They see where they want to go, and then they act like the person they want to become.

It was William James who harbors the advice: He said it’s the actor’s technique. Act like the person you want to become.

How do you do that?

Well, you use your imagination, of course.

You see, it’s a strange phenomena that the greatest gift we’ve got is used very well up til the ages of four or possibly five.

The little child. We always wonder what’s going on in their mind. They’re using their imagination. They’re building wonderful pictures in their mind.

But then they get to school, and WHAM! Like that. It comes to an abrupt halt. It’s called, “Not paying attention. Daydreaming.”

Well, what they were really doing was exercising a phenomenal mental faculty. You see, we can see, hear, smell, taste, touch. They’re for our physical benefit. As long as we are living in a physical body and corresponding with a material world, we will use our sensory factors.

But you know, I have a couple of little dogs at home that can hear, see, smell, taste, and touch.

We’ve got higher faculties. You have perception. The Will. Memory. Intuition. Reason. And Imagination.

These marvelous tools!

We can take our imagination and build an image in our mind of how we want to live. Block out what’s going now. Don’t let your present results have anything to do with this, just want you want.

And it’s with your imagination that you will build it.

Everything that we have, the camera that I’m speaking to you right now, was first created in the mind of one individual.

Think of how our world’s changed. You see. We were gifted with these higher faculties. We’re God’s highest form of creation.  We were created in God’s image. We were given creative faculties to use.

And you know they’re only used by 2 or 3 percent of the population. It’s almost inconceivable that we’d  [sic] people would wander around with so much power and potential…and squander it.

See, the average person literally tiptoes through life hoping they’d make it safely to death. It’s such a shame. And it doesn’t have to be that way.

Think: We have giant corporations and little wee creative departments. The primary reason for that is the average individual really does not believe that they’re creative.

Now think: Everyone’s creative. And no one is more creative than another. It’s just that some have chosen to use their creative faculties to a greater degree than others.

Imagination. Your imagination. What do you want? How do you really want to live? Build the picture in your mind. There’s a power that is flowing to and through you.

A creative. Unadulterated. Power.

It can be photographed leaving your body. Way back in the thirties, Semyon Kirlian, the Russian photographer, perfected a form of photography where you can actually photograph a person’s body and you will see the energy glowing from them.

Well that energy flows into your mind. And it’s the images you build in your mind that’s going to dictate the vibration that this instrument you’re living in is in. And the vibration on a conscious level is called feeling.

Make certain that you exercise your imagination daily. Build beautiful images in your mind of how you want to live and then hold those pictures there and live that way.

The Imagination. The Greatest Nation in the World. The Imagination.

You’ve got one. It’s a marvelous, creative tool. It deals with the invisible side of your personality.

You see, no one will ever really see you. They’ll only see your body. And they’ll see you [sic] the great work that you do.

Make certain that your work is great work. And if you keep your imagination alive, keep it active, you’re going to have a phenomenal life.

You know, life can get better. Every day. And it will get better. Every day. Through the proper use of your imagination. What a wonder idea.

This is Bob Proctor.

Thank you.


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