Goal Achievement: 1 Thing You Must Do

Here’s the one thing that most people fail to do when going through the process of goal achievement. It makes all the difference in the world, turning the tide from a high chance of failure to a high chance of success.

When I learned it, and started getting results, I was surprised. What’s this one thing?

It’s having a goal card. Goal achievement is all about writing down what you what to achieve, and being specific about it.

It sounds simple, but it’s not. In order for a goal card to be highly effective in helping you achieve your goals, you must incorporate several elements into your goal card. In no particular order of importance, they are the following:

  • Be specific.
  • Express your goal as if you already have it, in the present tense.
  • Be in an attitude of gratitude
  • Set a date by which you would have achieved the goal, but also making sure to write your goal as if you have already achieved it.

How big should a goal card be? About the size of a business card.

Putting It Together

Start your goal card like this:

I am so happy and grateful now that it is [date] and [your big goal].

Here are some examples of big goals:

  • I am at my idea Goal Card 1 Thing You Must Doweight of 140 lbs.
  • Exercising 3 times a week, doing both cardio and weight-training each time.
  • Running a marathon.
  • Making an additional $100 from my side business.
  • Written my New York Times Best Seller

Goals Are for Growing

This is important. Many people think that goals are for getting. It’s not. It’s more about the growth that comes from going after something that matters to you. It’s the same with entrepreneurship. Outside observers think entrepreneurs only got into business for the sole purpose of making money. But it’s more about building a toolset on your journey to becoming the person you build up in your mind years or even decades ago, when you took the first step on your journey.

Really Decide

When you write your goal card out, it’s also important that you have decided. And I mean really decided. It’s that gut feeling in your stomach, that feeling that you know this time it’s different from all the other times you made a promise and broke it.

This time, you know it’s going to happen. You’re committed and able. You will do whatever it takes.


It’s very important, too, that you use the phrase I am so happy and grateful now that…, for doing so puts in you an attitude of gratitude. It also puts you in the frequency of the good that you desire.

The reason for this is simple: You cannot get to your dreams and goals from where you are. In fact, it’s impossible.

In order to get to your dreams, you have to come from the place of your dreams. In other words, you have to first believe you can get there. When you can start coming from the place of your dreams, then you start thinking at the frequency where those dreams reside. Einstein once said that we cannot expect to solve our problems with the same frequency of thinking which created them in the first place.

Notice, too, that it is written in present tense, as if you already have it. The date is only there to give you something to shoot for. It’s not exactly important that you reach your goal by the date.

Read It Multiple Times a Day

You should also be reading your goal card multiple times a day. Put one or many copies in places where you will see it and be reminded of it. Seeing it reminds you to read it and take action.

This is where the initial decision to really chase after your goal matters.

And when you read it, be emotionally vested. Feel gratitude, happiness, bliss, passion, anticipation, excitement, and joy.

When you anchor positive feelings to a goal, it’s much more likely to happen.

Be Outcome Independent

Be willing to let go of the specific outcomes. Sometimes, success takes the least expected path, going through many miles of failure.

Other times, it seems to go in directions that have little to do with your end goal.

You may even have to rewrite your goal card, this time, with a newer date or your goal more narrowed down and specific. Remember what I said about goals being about growing, not getting?

So, be willing to let goal of actually having the goal. You know how you can sometimes sense desperation? Avoid being that guy.

Take Action

Of course, you have to take action. Sitting there, day by day reading your goal card without taking any action is a sure recipe for failure. Take that first step, fail fast, and learn from your mis-takes. That’s all failure really is, what didn’t work, so that you can concentrate on what does work. Every week, focus on one thing you can do to progressively advance towards your goal. All you need is one thing.

Goal Achievement Conclusion

So, here are the things you should be doing when writing out your goal card.

First of all, really decide that this is something you will do. Promise yourself as if your life depended on it.

When you feel it in your guts, write out your goal card, using this format: I am so happy and grateful now that…

This causes you to reframe your thoughts. You now live in the frequency of the good that you desire, as if you already have it. Come from the place of your dreams.

Put your goal card where you are very likely to see it. You might even consider having multiple copies of the same goal card, each handwritten, one in your car, another by your computer at work and at home, in the bathroom, or just in your pocket, where you will feel it every time you fish for your keys.

When you read it, believe it. Initially, you may be in disbelief. Over time, as you read your goal card, you will start believing it. If you’re not feeling excitement, nervousness, anxiety, bliss, uncertainty, and joy, then perhaps this is the wrong goal for you. Remember, too, to be outcome independent.

Know that if you’re both excited and scared at the same time then this is a goal worthy of you.

Finally, and of course, take action! You can’t just will something into existence without inspired action. The act of reading your goal card every day, multiple times a day, causes you to take inspired action.


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