The Biggest Change You Can Make: Just Decide

One of the simpiest things you can do to really start living your dreams and realize their fulfillment is this: Just decide

That’s it. Just decide.

A lot of people think they know how to make a decision but I am talking about something very different. When you have really decided, you know because you feel it in every fiber of your being. You know this time you will do whatever it takes to commit to your decision and carry it through. You feel it in your gut.


So, just decide what you want and go after it with everything you’ve got.

It’s a sad fact, but our educational system never really taught us how to make decisions. In fact, depending on your career field, you may have been trained to make a decision after examining all the possible risks that may occur.

Or, you may have been trained to write out every possible outcome that can occur from that one decision you make. Then, after you make that decision and act on it, you now have a different set of outcomes from the ones you predicted. So, you have to once again analyze these outcomes and decide the next course of action to take.

What an exhausting, idiotic way to make decisions! No wonder why many of us never really learned how to make decisions.

A Good Example

I am a computer engineer by education, and I am very guilty of paralysis by over analysis. I have come to discover that I really do not know how to make decisions. I analyze each and every possible outcome, to the point that I end up taking zero action. The nature of my job is to think of everything that can and will go wrong in computer code, then write out a plan of action to prevent those things from happening or to gracefully fail and inform the user.

In other words, instead of learning how to just decide, I expect failure.

Now, imagine transferring this method of decision-making to real life. What a bad way to make decisions!

Overtime, through an increase in my awareness and perception I now expect good things to happen and am ready to receive them. I look at what I can do instead of what may go wrong or what I cannot do.

Doing this has freed me of the victim mentality. I have learned to trust my intuition and my heart.

I know that I am onto something great if a decision I am considering scares me intellectually but excites me emotionally. I may not know how exactly I am going to make it happen after making the decision, but I no longer concern myself with the how. I believe that the how will be shown to me as I go about doing the thing that I love doing.

Making a decision in this way sets you free. It just touches every fiber of your being. You know that you have really decided. Many people think they have made decisions, only to find themselves quitting after several days, weeks, or months of effort.

The Spiritual Connection

We are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. At least that’s how I’ve chosen to think. Our precious time on this earth is limited. We all die but how many of us has truly lived? So, it’s up to each and everyone of us to make the most of the time we have on this planet.

When we just decide to think of ourselves as spirits and as grand overall designers of this thing called life, everything we ever wanted is within our grasp. One way of thinking is empowering. The other way, blaming other people, leaves you tattered and torn.

To do that which brings joy is the ultimate expression of our spirits.

So, just decide what brings you passion and joy. If you feel a connection to the Spirit, if the thing you want to do brings you joy, if it catches you in the moment and you lose yourself in time, then you have found your passion.

We have been conditioned throughout life to stop dreaming and be realistic. Mostly, the people who tell us this are well-meaning. You see, they never fulfilled their own dreams so they try to save us from the same disappointments. I am now telling you that it is possible to make your dreams come true. Jim Carrey did it. Les Brown did it. Bob Proctor did it. Arnold Schwarzenegger did it.

They all did it.

These folks started off life with very humble beginnings. In fact, many had lived at the poverty level, often early in their lives

But they all make a decision to do the things that they love and, in doing so, gave value to the world.

So, stop saying, “I’ll try.” Just decide what it is you want, and go after it with everything you’ve got.


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