The Strangest Secret to Achieving Lasting Success

This audio is a must-hear. The Father of the Personal Development movement, Earl Nightingale, talks about the Strangest Secret to achieving lasting success.

Lack of Success in 95% of the Population

What is the strangest secret to success? First, let’s discuss some sobering facts.

If you take 100 men at the age of 25, do you have any idea what will happen to each by the time they are 65 years old?

These 100 men start life at age 25 with vigor and enthusiasm. When asked, each believes he will be a success.

Yet, by the time they are 65 only one will be rich. Four will achieve financial independence, five will still be working, and the other 54 will be broke.

Why is it that out of 100 men, only 5 made the grade? Why is it that so many have failed? Why is it that so many at the age of 65 have become dependent on others for life’s necessities?

What became of their hopes and dreams? And why the large disparity between what these men intended to do and what they actually accomplished?

The Definition of Success

To understand why these men failed, we have to first understand what success is. The best definition of success that I have heard to date is from Earl Nightingale:

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.”

If you are progressively working towards a goal, then you are a success.

  • If you teach because you love teaching, then you are successful
  • A person who writes because he loves writing and sharing his knowledge, without the excuse of needing a publishing house (think Internet blogs!) is a success.
  • A person who wants to become a movie director and decides to go out and make movies on his own rather than wait for his “big break” in Hollywood is a success. He is doing that which he loves.
  • A person who has a cause greater than himself and dedicates himself to that effort a little each day is a success.

Do you see what the common thread is? Each person went out and did something about getting progressively closer to his goal rather than find excuses on why it will not work for him. And that in Earl Nightingale’s book and mine is success.

What Is the Strangest Secret to Achieving Lasting Success?

All the world’s leaders may have disagreed over what success is, but they are in complete and unanimous agreement when it comes to one thing: We become what we think.

I say this again: Man becomes what he thinks.

If a man thinks about nothing, then he becomes nothing.

If a man thinks about success, he will achieve success.

This is the Law of Attraction. What you think about, you bring about.

Bob Proctor, who worked under Earl Nightingale, co-recorded with Mary Morrissey a . It’s helped me tremendously in my own transformation to become what I think about daily and achieve the results I so desire.

The Cause of Failure

The basic cause attributable to the failure of these 95 men is conformity. Society makes it easy to earn a living. If we want a job, we got one. The whole system is set up to make it easy for us to work as a cog in someone else’s machine, barely scraping by and becoming average in the process

When asked why they go to work, most people cannot explain the reason. Worse yet, they go to a job day in and day out that they loathe. For the majority of the masses, job means “just over broke”.

In their quest to play it safely through life, they’ve tiptoed to the grave safely in one piece, never taking any chances to go after what they truly want. They fail to set goals. They fail to decide, really decide, what it is they really want. And because they have failed to decide, they also failed to take action.

There’s a Lot More!

Nightingale offers a lot more gems than this space covers, including specific, actionable steps you can take to start gaining more confidence and success in the progressive realization of your worthy ideal.

He also talks about how to provide the kind of value other people desire so that you will be richly compensated.

I highly encourage you to spend some time listening to the audio. It will be worth it. For me, it was a life-changing 30 minutes.

And if you think you can just skip over the recording because it was made back in 1956 and no longer relevant in today’s times, here’s another sobering fact: Even though The Strangest Secret was recorded more than sixty years ago, the stats still hold as true today as they did 60 years ago. Well, maybe not quite true…some estimates put those who actually made the grade and become successes at closer to 10%.

This is Benson Wong, and thank you.


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